Salchicha County - A different kind of residential sim!

Residential Rental Opportunities
Homes are L$2.5/prim
Each rental box comes with 50 or 100 prims included in it.

Salchicha County is a neighborhood that focuses on creativity and exploration! Ideal renters here expect and encourage curious visitors and people camming around their house - on purpose! We want to make this sim a museum of ourselves. Privacy is a common theme among SL residencies. If you are looking for a private place to live your pixelated life in secret, I'd suggest finding another place to call home, but enjoy your stay!

What? Why?
Cause it's fun. We want to be able to come to your house (whether you are home or not) and learn about who you are, what you have to say, how you show off your own style. It's almost like the whole sim is a collective art exhibit of every resident. You're welcome to set out freebies or secrets for people to find, decorate to express who you are, decorate in a theme, or just have fun setting up an exhibit of yourself!

These additional rules apply throughout Salchicha County. By paying a rental box, you understand and agree to these rules.

Renting on the Salchicha County sim is available for RC Cluster SL Group members only.
No Refunds
No Subleasing
No Floating Text
No Commercial activity
Homes are Rented AS IS - no changes

• Rent
Rent is due on time and empty spaces can not be saved or reserved. Once your rental time is expired on your rental box, your home is eligible to be rented by someone else. We do not IM to remind you to pay rent.

• Resident & Visitor Agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines put forth by the managers, and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.
• Privacy

No Security systems or orbs. Exploration and expression are what this sim is all about, and the private homes on this sim are encouraged to have friendly visitors. Unfriendly visitors, however, should be reported to Redd Columbia. Visitors are not permitted above 400m unless provided with a landmark, TP or invitation.
Follow Linden Labs TOS, No harassment, griefing, spam or hookers. Full sim rules are posted here and all visitors are subject to them: http://rccluster.blogspot.com/2017/09/salchicha-county-information-rentals.html

Basic Visitor Expectations
♦ Doorbells are available on each home next to the door for easy introductions.
♦ Exploring above 400m from ground level anywhere on the sim is not permitted unless directed.

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