Introducing the -RC- Cluster Best Friends Club!

The -RC- Cluster Best Friends Club!

A fancy little monthly membership program.

Here's what we offer with your membership:

- All new -RC- Cluster releases delivered to you
- Free Membership on your Rezday Month + a special birthday pack
- All Notices have something cool in them
- Free access to all Salchicha County events
- End of the round gifts at the main store

   ¤ The Redd Columbia Guarantee ¤

Cost to join: L$350 

    I'm certain that you will get more than this amount's worth of goods or services. I promise to never let you feel ripped off and make sure you get your money's worth.
    Once notices expire the gifts attached are no longer available. Notices remain active for two weeks as SL allows. I'm never completely sure about what I'll be making for the month, so it'll be a surprise for both of us, how exciting!
    No Group Chat and No Notices without something cool in them will keep the spam away!

Timeline for each month:

10th: Past membership ends
11th: Member Ejection C-Ya
12th: Re-enrollment Begins
26th: Last Notice of the round

You have from the 12th to the 10th to collect on all the goodies sent through notices. Join at any time, but the sooner the better, cause notices only last two weeks. ♥ Notices are only sent between the 12th and 26th so that they will retire in time for the next round.


No refunds.
No requests for gifts that have expired from group notices.
Rezdays must fall between the dates of the round and be at least 1 year old.
IM Redd Columbia with any questions before paying membership.
Prices may change

REZDAY Specials

If your rezday falls within the days of the current round, you can join the birthday club! Birthday club members get a free bday pack and a special tag, and the first 15 people to sign up for the bday club get in free. (See Group Description for how many free spots are left)

The purpose of this group is to fund the Salchicha County sim. What isn't rented in residential spots is brought to you by donations from Salchichans like you.

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