Join us at the Salchicha County Carnival where we celebrate bizarre, the macabre, the frightening and thought provoking at Freak Week and the Carnival of Curiosities!

Embrace your curiosity - See and Find bizarre items from throughout the lands and observe the disquieting blunders of mother nature.

Be at peace with your mortality - The macabre are warmly welcomed here, where the marvels of the human body excite and alarm us. We will look into the weird and the wonderful elements of the abnormalities of life... and death.

FEAR NOT THE UNKNOWN! Gather with us as we discuss, contemplate, reason and rationalize strangeness that we encounter. Share stories and ask questions of what may come of us, what brought us to be, and what we recognize as blessings and bright spots in our dark world.

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Freak Show & Curio Contest
November 11th at 6pm SLT
(Sign up starts 5pm and closes at 6:30)
WARNING: This event may contain gore or other graphic content, as many curiosities are of dead stuff. Be Prepared or please feel free to skip this event ♥

- - - - - - - - -
HOW TO ENTER - 1 of 2 ways:

• Be a freak - Dress your avatar into something unique and unusual and present yourself on the main stage.
• Bring a Curiosity - Find an item to put on display and create an interesting story behind it. Where it came from, what it does, who wore it, etc.

- - - - - - - - -

The event is much like a talent show. Participants will gather backstage and will be introduced to the stage for a 3 minute performance explaining the story behind your freak or curiosity item. After your performance, you may be asked simple questions from the Master of Ceremonies and then you may take a seat in the audience. When all contestants have had a chance to present, the audience will vote for their favorite act.

Winners take home trophies and -RC- Cluster Gift cards, contestants and audience members will walk away with various prizes too!

- - - - - - - - -

A curiosity could be anything from your inventory as long as it has a really cool back story. This is a chance to show off something unique in your inventory and make up an equally unique story behind it!

My curiosity: I tint a basic sausage blue. I call it "SWAMP METAL SALCHICHA".
My Backstory: It is a petrified blue salchicha from 1932 when there was an unknown metal that leaked from the factory into the ground of the salchicha plants - it was eaten whole by a man named Joe Schmo, who worked in the swamps. He died from the poisons in the sausage and fell into the swamp - his body decomposed into bones but the only thing left was a blue metallicsalchicha.


F A Q:

Q. What is a Freak Show?
A: A Freak show or a sideshow is an event that features abnormally developed people or animals. Unusual deformities or talents such as having extra body parts or odd placements of things like hair, teeth or nails is common. Some may feature the ability to push the body to extremes such as contortionism or having overly-elastic skin or a freakishly long tongue.

Q: What is a Curiosity?
A: A rare, unusual, or intriguing object. Artwork, sculptures, Taxidermy (usually the lovingly tacky kind), knick nacks, vintage antiques, skulls, weird vintage stuff and oddities from history.

Q: If I have a real life curiosity, can I use that?
A: That is awesome, but no, not for the contest. Tell us about it during the week though because we want to know about it!

Q: Do my storylines have to be related to the lore of Salchicha County? 
A: Nope, get creative and make something really crazy up!

Got other questions? ASK ME! I'm ready to answer you now!
IM me or Email me! Redd Columbia



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