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What is Salchicha County?
Salchicha County is a residential and hangout community sim, home to both -RC- Cluster store and the Golden Years store for Senior avatars. It is privately owned and ran by Redd Columbia.

It's an exploration sim! Renters here understand that visitors are encouraged to enter their houses as guests and can set things out for them to find, touch, and interact with. Show off your style and decorating skills and rent a home today, snoopers welcome!

Short story: You can go into people's Houses.

This sim is open to the public and visitors are encouraged to explore freely around the ground level. The rules are relatively lax, and self-policing your own behavior is encouraged here by using mute/derender and other LL tools.

Join the -RC- Cluster SL Group to be part of this community!

Resident & Visitor Agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.

Basic Rules
These rules are to be followed at all times.

Follow Linden Labs TOS
No harassment
No griefing
No spam or advertising
No hookers
Mute/Derender as a first resort.
No camming or flying above 400m without an invitation or landmark.

To break the rules means permanent banishment and is all inclusive.This includes removal from groups, termination of rent, and banishment from the sim and sister sims. All banned residents are reported to Redd Columbia and/or LL and may be muted permanently by ANYONE at their discretion.

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• Privacy
No Security systems or orbs.
Visitors are not permitted above 400m unless provided with a landmark or invitation.
• Roleplay
Salchicha is a place where all the different communities of Second Life can come together, be themselves and feel welcomed. If you choose to remain in character in public spaces, please keep in mind that many other community members may be out of character, or not roleplayers at all. We ask that both rpers and OOCers use their best judgment to politely remove themselves from any uncomfortable situations regarding RP. As always, we encourage mute/derender as a first resort when encountering disagreements.

Groups, Chat & Notices

Group chat tends to be goofy and contains a fair amount of adult humor. We are all adults. Overly grotesque or offensive chat will result in a ban from the group and sim. No hate speech or harassment - “in-character” chat included. No hate.

NEW: Sales notices are NOT allowed in group chat - free and fun stuff announced only

  1. RC Cluster SL Group - FREE!
♦ Community hub group. Chat, Notices about upcoming events, freebies, updates and more.
You may disable notices but be sure to check them periodically to be sure you are not missing any important updates to the sim, we’re not liable if you miss important information once notices are sent.
We love group chat! We are a chatty group and as most of you know. Disabling group chat is ok too but you will be limiting your experience, to be honest.
  1. -RC- Cluster Best Friends Club - Monthly Fee (Complete info) Pay per month for access to free notices which include
         - All new -RC- Cluster releases 
         - Free Membership on your Rezday Month + a special birthday pack
         - All Notices have something cool in them
         - Free access to all Salchicha County events
         - End of the round gifts at the main store
  2. Salchicha County SL Group Closed to Public

Residential Rental Opportunities
Homes are L$2.5/prim
Each rental box comes with 50 or 100 prims included in it.
Extra prims can be purchased at the Welcome Center for L$3/prim

Salchicha County is a neighborhood that focuses on creativity and exploration! Ideal renters here expect and encourage curious visitors and people camming around their house - on purpose! We want to make this sim a museum of ourselves. Privacy is a common theme among SL residencies. If you are looking for a private place to live your pixelated life in secret, I'd suggest finding another place to call home, but enjoy your stay!

These additional rules apply throughout Salchicha County. By paying a rental box, you understand and agree to these rules.

Renting on the Salchicha County sim is available for RC Cluster SL Group members only.
No Refunds
No Subleasing
No Floating Text
No Commercial activity
Homes are Rented AS IS - no changes

Follow Linden Labs TOS, No harassment, griefing, spam or hookers. Full sim rules are posted here and all visitors are subject to them: http://rccluster.blogspot.com/2017/09/salchicha-county-information-rentals.html

Basic Visitor Expectations
♦ Doorbells are available on each home next to the door for easy introductions.
♦ Exploring above 400m from ground level anywhere on the sim is not permitted unless directed.

Commercial Rental Opportunities
Speak to Redd Columbia directly

Dealing with Conflict in Salchicha County

Salchicha is a place where all different communities of Second Life can come together, be themselves and feel welcomed and relaxed. Redd Columbia is the official owner operator of the Sim and there is no official staff in charge of conflict. Remember Lots of questions can be answered by asking the RC Cluster group chat.

►If there's conflict among other visitors here, please take the following steps.

1. That person may be in character or Role playing, Check to see if this is possible!
2. Ask the party to stop the harassment or remove yourself from the area.
  1. (Residents only) If the offending party refuses to leave your rented home, ask them at least once in IMs to remove themselves. If they refuse, eject and report the incident to Redd Columbia and/or LL. Note that freeze and eject powers are a privilege for use of emergencies and greifers and abuse of these abilities will result in termination of rent. Abuse is at the discretion of Salchicha County Staff.
3. Mute.
4. Derender if necessary.

USE SL FEATURES GIVEN TO YOU! Mute/Derender/Report to LL.

►Use of Alts:
   Alts are not to be used to contact other Salchichans or visitors that have muted! If you know that someone has an alt that may contact you, mute both the original and the alt.

Resident agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines put forth by the managers, and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.

Let's encourage curiosity and create art. Make people think differently. We are the people who want to experience other people's brains!

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