Salchicha County Temporary Campground Rental Info

Salchicha County Parks and Rec Department

Welcome to Salchicha County! As the sim is being slowly worked on and changed, we are offering short-term leasing to small lots in the unused area of the sim.

No permanent structures or items too far out of the theme. Weird stuff is fine, but put your weird stuff on a tent or RV <3 p="">
► Lots are L$42 per day

Previously the max was 7 days, now that everyone has had a chance to try out a campground that has been waiting, feel free to rent as long as you'd like!

► Prims max out at 100 per lot.
This includes all tenants on the lot. You can rent additional prims in the Management Office.

► By renting you agree to the Salchicha County Resident Agreement and rules.

1 Lot per person
Sizes Vary
Minimum Rent: 1 Day
Maximum Rent: 7 Days
Land SL Group required
100 Prims Each
Additional prims available for purchase
No Refunds


No Floating Text.
No Skyboxes at this time.
Pick up temporary prims when finished - Especially if they are on or near someone else's site.

► Aesthetic:
The theme of the sim is generally a realistic environment with surreal elements. Please do not rez structures or large items that are wildly outside of this aesthetic that are to be displayed permanently. Have questions? Ask a manager!

► Prims:
Stay within your prim limits for permanent prims. Temporary prims can be rezzed at no limit anywhere on the sim as long as you pick up after yourself! If you're unsure of how many prims you have rezzed, please ask a manager. If prim limits are gone over, several or all of your items may be returned to you.

► Extra Prims:
You can purchase extra prims in increments of 50 at a premium rate in the Land Management Office. First come first serve basis.

► Basic Rules are to be followed at all times.

► ► Rent
By paying a rental box, you understand and agree to these rules. Rent is non-refundable.


Q: Can my prims be outside of my lot?
A: Yes! Feel free to use them to set up a fire pit or a picnic area near your lot. We just ask that you keep your items within 15 meters or so. Temporary prims can be rezzed anywhere on the sim, but we do ask that you remember to pick these up when you are finished! *Especially if they are rezzed on someone else's camp site!*

Q: Will you have actual homes to rent ever?
A: YES! They're in the works. This Campsite is just a warm up exercise to make the best rental experience for everybody, and to allow a larger chunk of people to come and experience the sim for a bit.

Q: Why are there lots such as 15a, b, c etc?
A: These are just lots that are touching each other or that would be good for large groups to camp together with a common space.

Q: Who do I contact if something is wrong?
A: The fastest way to get a hold of a manger is to ask for one in the RC Cluster Group Chat.
Visit the City Hall to view contact information and see who is online.

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