Stalker Hair Snipping Fun

Now you can be a stalker and here's how you can do it!

‣Wear both of these items:

‣Go behind someone so that you are close enough to smell their hair.
‣Click your left hand to make sure you have the same color hair as them.

    Say this in open chat when you're ready: /5 snip

This will animate you snipping someone's hair without them noticing.
Now you have a lock of their hair in your hand that you will hide behind
your back!

‣To snip someone else's hair, you can change the hair color and try again,
or to make the hair disappear first, simply reattach the Hair Snipping.


To sniff the lock of hair that you just "borrowed", wear this item:

    -RC- Stalker Hair - Just for Sniffing.

This will automatically animate you holding it behind your back
and sniffing every so often.


To use the Lock of Hair Box, rez one of the boxes somewhere, and click it.
‣ Choose the hair color from the menu.

‣ In open Chat, say

    /5 [avatar's name]

The hair will rename its self to a random title, such as

"Redd Columbia's Lock of Hair, I will never forget you."

There are 14 different randomized names, or you can just rename it
yourself by Changing the Name on the General tab in Edit Mode.


Okay well that's it! Hope you like it and stalk everybody!

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