More information on The Hunger Project, which will benefit from ThanksGIVING

Hello Everybody!
Thanks for helping me choose a good charity to donate to for my annual ThanksGIVING charity event. I know that charity giving can be tricky in SL, so I want to first and foremost be sure that everyone is comfortable with giving if they wish to do so.

• You are not allowed to purchase any item with philanthropic proceeds, or give Redd Columbia ANY Linden dollars unless you understand and trust that it is in fact going to the charity listed.

If you have any doubts at all about the outcome of this event or my intentions, DO NOT DONATE.
Instead I encourage you to donate directly to a charity that you feel comfortable with. Links will be provided to donate directly to the charity that we decide on, or you can pick your own!

After a week of voting, results showed most interest in proceeds going to The Hunger Project!


Why these charities?

I picked these charities for the following reasons:
1. High scoring and ratings, recommended by other websites
2. International work rather than domestic
3. They are all pertaining to Hunger

Sources Used:


The Hunger Project
Overall Charity Navigator Score:            91.97 / 100,            4/4 stars
Charity Watch.org Rating:                       A-
Program Percentages:                           20% overhead       80% Program

More Info: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/94-2443282


Please don’t hesitate to contact me in world with any questions you may have!
Redd Columbia

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