Gacha Garage Trading Party and Free Market!

The Gacha Garage will be an open marketplace this weekend! Anyone from anywhere selling any gacha is welcome to join. 

Friday Sept 23 at Noon SLT - Sunday at Midnight

Use the -RC- Cluster Store Group to rez items.
Chat is available to ask for trades or announce new items placed.

TP to the Garage!




Failure to comply will result in items being returned.
Harassment or dishonest sales will result in banning.
There will be no warnings.


  • Inside the garage is -RC- Cluster items ONLY.
  • Outside the garage is fair game, any store, any gacha. 
  • Place as many items out as you'd like.
  • You MUST USE BOXES if the item is over 2LI for this event.
  • You MUST be clear on your box titles and descriptions.

Hey this is easy! - There is an optional script provided near the garage that allows anyone to click your box and have it say in open chat what's inside. Use this freely!


  • -RC- Cluster gachas MUST be priced at OR lower than original selling price. Original price chart is provided. 
  • Other gacha prices from other stores must be less than L$100
  • No extra prices for RARES in market - these must be negotiated through IMs.

Rules are subject to change and will be updated on the -RC- Cluster blog.

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