Annual ThanksGIVING Charity Event 2016!

Information last updated 11/16/16

What is ThanksGIVING?

Thanksgiving is an annual Dinner Party and Can Drive charity event started in 2009 and brought to you by -RC- Cluster. Unfortunately by 2011 I had left SL for a few years, but now it's time to bring this tradition back! 

Who:        You and your friend.
What:       A dinner party and can drive to raise awareness and a little cash for hungry people.
Where:     Salchicha Township
When:      Thursday, Nov 17th 4-8pm SLT -- Can Drive Runs through the 18th.

Who will benefit?
After a week of voting, results showed most interest in proceeds going to The Hunger Project!

Tell me more.

• There will be food and other food and holiday-ish items available for sale, in which 100% of those proceeds go towards THP.

• There will also be a can drive in which each can purchased is equal to USD $1.00. In the past, we've FILLED the back of an SL truck with cans, and it's fun to watch the visual grow on how much we've raised together.

•There will be freebies, trivia, games and chances to win stuff, including gift cards and cool stuff from other stores!

•This is a long event, so you can come and go as you please, tell your friends and get ready for a feast!

Donations truck from 2010

Check out the promo videos from past ThanksGIVINGs!
2009 & 2010

• You are not allowed to purchase any item with philanthropic proceeds, or give Redd Columbia ANY Linden dollars unless you understand and trust that it is in fact going to the charity listed.

If you have any doubts at all about the outcome of this event or my intentions, DO NOT DONATE.
Instead I encourage you to donate directly to a charity that you feel comfortable with. Links will be provided to donate directly to the charity that we decide on, or you can pick your own!

Thank you!
Redd Columbia

See how Nana and Redd are getting ready for the event on the Story Blog!


Since this is the first year ThanksGIVING will be back in sl, I've decided to keep ti simple, so no holiday market. Perhaps next year!

Donations will be collected by Redd Columbia's Alt, RCDonations Difference.

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Wenni Donna said...

Annual thanksgiving charity events! Pleased to know about such an event. At some domestic San Francisco event venues we are also going to attend a charity show that will be organized in the next week. I would like to help them as much as I can because it is for the education of needy kids.