A guide to using the Oracle Board With Friends Multiplayer game!

It's Spooky Season!
Here's how you can get spooky with the -RC- Oracle Board Multiplayer Game!

The Oracle board is for 2+ players. It seats 3 but you can
have as many people as you can fit within 10 meters of the board.

Rez the board. The thingy in the middle with the eye is the "Teller".

Anyone can start the game by asking a question in open chat for the group to hear. After asking, click the teller.

A random person in the group will now get a popup prompting them to answer the question.
Nobody will know who got the prompt, or who is answering. It's a secret!
If no answer...

The oracle will relay the answer to the group anonymously. If they do not answer within 30 seconds, the board will reset its self. Then just click the teller again. The Oracle does not care who is asking the questions, just say them into open chat until you're sick of playing!

WELL That's it! Maybe now you like it better!

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