Salchicha County Information & Rentals

What is Salchicha County?

Salchicha County is a community sim encompassing -RC- Cluster and the sim surrounding the store. It is both a residential and commercial sim for "Salchichan" residents, RC Cluster SL group members and the public. The goal for this community is to bring together the weirdos, eccentrics, artists, out of the box-ers AND normal-normies to do fun things, meet new people and express themselves. Group members are encouraged to visit, invite people, and throw any sort of party they'd like as we'd love to have the feel of the sim being community-owned and operated.

→The region is an optionally light role-play sim. There are no strict rules on how you role play, keeping in mind that other visitors may not be role players and that appropriate personal judgment must be made as not to harass or make other members and visitors uncomfortable. See Rules for guidelines on RP.
→Residential spots are available for rent along Bangerblossom Drive.

Want to join the community? Just join the -RC- Cluster SL Group, where you'll also get chances for freebies and cool perks from the neighborhood as well. See See RC Cluster SL Group perks for more info.

Resident agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines put forth by the managers, and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.

Basic Rules
These rules are to be followed at all times.

Follow Linden Labs TOS
No harassment
No griefing
No spam or advertising
No hookers
Mute/Derender as a first resort.
Follow staff instructions

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

All inclusive - no groups, no rent, no sim. All banned residents are reported to Redd Columbia and/or LL and may be muted permanently by managers.

No naked avatars that may be considered underage, follow LL TOS.

By participating in sexual behavior on this sim, you are encouraging public heckling. While not disallowed, it isn't considered polite and in most cases won't be received politely either. Because of our encouragement of visiting and exploration, use caution when being adulty in your rented home. See community expectations for more.

Profanity is fine. Being specifically gruesome in a harassing manner is not fine. Adult language is used here. Use mute button. Overly grotesque or offensive chat will end in banishment. No hate speech or harassment - “in-character” chat included. No hate.

Rezzing objects is allowed on most of the sim! Being able to share what's in your inventory and encourage public engagement is one of the main focuses of this sim. Please pick up after yourself. In some cases there will be auto return set, which is subject to change at any time. Returned items may or not come with a warning, but no reply is needed if items are returned. Please be extra careful with your no copy items as we are not responsible for them.

No Security systems or orbs. Homes on this sim are subject to have friendly visitors. Exploring is encouraged here! Unfriendly visitors, however, should be reported to staff. Do not enter private homes that are occupied without permission. Knock first, dang! See community expectations for more on this.

Salchicha is a place where all the different communities of Second Life can come together, be themselves and feel welcomed. Role players are welcome to hold scenes in private residences and parcels. If you choose to remain in character in public spaces, please keep in mind that many other community members may be out of character, or not roleplayers at all. We ask that both rpers and OOCers use their best judgment to politely remove themselves from any uncomfortable situations regarding RP. As always, we encourage mute/derender as a first resort when encountering disagreements.

Salchicha welcomes humans, furries, vampires, wizards, muggles and all other subcultures of SL to join us no matter what our characters are. However, this sim will contain adult language and content. We are all in this together with the understanding that we are adults behind our screens who are capable of removing ourselves from situations that might be uncomfortable or inappropriate for our characters that we've created and those around us. And obviously NO SEX. Follow TOS.

Group Chat & Notices

Group chat tends to be goofy and contains a fair amount of adult humor. We are all adults. Overly grotesque or offensive chat will result in a ban from the group and sim. No hate speech or harassment - “in-character” chat included. No hate.

There are two active groups - the RC Cluster SL Group and the Salchicha county group. Renting requires membership of both groups.

  1. RC Cluster SL Group
This is where you can find moderators and other land managers that can help answer questions or deal with rentals. You also will receive notices about upcoming events, freebies, updates and more.
You may disable notices but be sure to check them periodically to be sure you are not missing any important updates to the sim, we’re not liable if you miss important information once notices are sent. See RC Cluster SL Group perks for other things you may miss out on.
We love group chat! We are a chatty group and as most of you know. Group chat is also where you can collect a lot of goodies at random, so it's nice to keep the -RC- Cluster SL Group Chat enabled. Disabling group chat is ok too but you will be limiting your experience, to be honest. See RC Cluster SL Group perks for more.
  1. Salchicha County SL Group
Primarily for managers. You will not have access to notices or group chat, but this group is required for permanent rezzing on Bangerblossom Drive.
Bangerblossom Drive & The Weenieview Motel Rentals

The theme of the sim is generally a realistic environment with some surreal elements. Please do not rez structures or large items that are wildly outside of this aesthetic that are to be displayed permanently. Salchicha County is a rocky pine forest region with fertile soil for growing our world famous sausage plants (yes, sausages). Our farm, Salchichan Acres, is located in the center of the sim where the soil is rich and spice infused. Just a stone’s throw from the farm is The Weenieview Motel which offers short term rentals for tourists and returning visitors who are interested in taking in taking in the mountain air. The sim experiences all four seasons which will change gradually every few months. We decorate for holidays and also hold events.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Renting on the Salchicha County sim is available for RC Cluster SL Group members only.
No Refunds
No Subleasing
No Floating Text
No Skyboxes at this time
No Commercial activity

By paying a rental box, you understand and agree to these rules.

Rent is due on time and empty spaces can not be saved or reserved. Once your rental time is expired on your rental box, your home is eligible to be rented by someone else. We do not IM to remind you to pay rent.

Moving Out
Please pick up all your prims at time of move out. Once your rental is up you’ll be removed from the Salchicha County group and all your prims will be returned. Be aware that demand for housing is high, and items are subject to be returned to you as soon as someone else rents the home.

If your rental space remains empty for over 48 hours it is considered abandoned. Abandoned homes will be reclaimed and rental agreements will be terminated without refund.

Land Impact
Stay within your prim limits. Permanent placement of things that are vastly outside of the aesthetic of the sim will be returned, sometimes without warning. Temporary prims are OK as long as they are picked up afterwards. Extra Prims are not available at this time but may be available in the future. If you're unsure of how many prims you have rezzed, please ask a manager. If prim limits are gone over, several or all of your items may be returned to you.

Vehicles must be parked in your yard or in the motel parking lot to remain rezzed when you are not on the sim. They count against your prim count of your rental. Unattended vehicles outside of these areas will be returned.

Bangerblossom Drive
  1. Salchicha County Group membership and Application Required (LINK)
  2. Houses and landscaping remain in place. Most homes are inspired by architecture of the 50s-70s that have had minimal updates after 1985. Feel free to use this inspiration in your own home or decorate as you please. There is no required theme for inside your home.
  3. Please keep exterior decor within our realm and decorate only within a few meters beyond your parcel (not on your neighbor’s land, though).
  4. Additional people are allowed to be added to your household at time of rental. All prims are shared. Please list these people on your rental application and they will be sent a group invitation. Every resident is required to agree to the rules.
  5. Roaming unattached pets limited to 1 per household

The Weenieview Motel
  1. Rent your room at the Motel office. No Group invitation is required.
  2. No application is required. Rooms available on a first come first serve basis.
  3. The idea behind having hotel rooms is to allow renters to be a part of the Salchicha County Experience and have a space for temporary creative expression through your decor.
  4. Feel free to rez as you wish inside your hotel room. Each room has a different theme for it’s decor, and we encourage you to decorate as you see fit. No rezzing outside your room.
  5. Hotel Room doors do not lock, and camming and visitors are welcome. See Community Expectations for more.


Dealing with conflict in Salchicha County

Salchicha is a place where all different communities of Second Life can come together, be themselves and feel welcomed and safe.

►If there's conflict among other Salchichans or visitors here, please take the following steps.

1. That person may be in character or Role playing, Check to see if this is possible!
2. Ask the party to stop the harassment or remove yourself from the area.
  1. (Bangerblossom Drive Residents only) If the offending party refuses to leave your rented home, ask them at least once in IMs to remove themselves. If they refuse, eject and report the incident to a manager and/or LL. Note that freeze and eject powers are a privilege for use of emergencies and greifers and abuse of these abilities will result in termination of rent. Abuse is at the discretion of Salchicha County Staff.
3. Mute.
4. Derender if necessary.
5. If harassment continues, contact a Manager.

Finding a manager - Find them listed in the RC Cluster Group information listed as “OFFICER”, or most of the time you can find help or answers to questions by asking group chat. Often times Notecards or IMs sent to Redd Columbia will be forwarded to another officer to handle.

Managers aren’t required to be on the clock at all times. A lot of questions can be answered by asking the RC Cluster group chat.

USE SL FEATURES GIVEN TO YOU! Mute/Derender/Report to LL.

►Definition of Harassment:
The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands.

►Being Muted
If you are blocked by another person, consider that relationship over, and understand that they will no longer bother you. Mute them if necessary as well or derender. Carry on with your day.

►Use of Alts:
   Alts are not to be used to contact other Salchichans or visitors that have muted! If you know that someone has an alt that may contact you, mute both the original and the alt.
*Use of alts to harass will result in a ban from the sim!*
   Reason: We use SL features such as muting and derendering to resolve issues. By bringing in alt accounts you are sidestepping this simple way to reduce conflict in hopes to continue it, and you will be banned.


Resident agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines put forth by the managers, and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.

Leadership agreement
I agree to help keep Salchicha County an open and free environment for anyone who chooses to visit by maintaining the peace, understanding and following rules, helping others to understand and follow rules, and to use my best and most Fair judgment to do so.


Main Store Opening this weekend!
Exact times for events will be posted at the site.


Update on sim opening!

Hi Frens,

Sim update!

   So as some of you know, a bunch of weird stuff in RL happened that I hadn't prepared for. I've already well passed my goal for sim opening, and I'm nowhere near where I need to be! So I've decided that for now, I'm going to open Salchicha County as a fluid space. Basically I'll create lots of different spots around the sim that will change seasonally (or whenever I feel like it) and be new all the time. About 1/3 of the sim will be permanent space that houses my store and the 'town hall' which will be our community center.
    Later, I'd love to add residential space and some spaces for commercial things. This will make it easier for me to make tier payments and not have the sim burning money.
    I know this is a big difference from what I had planned out and explained to you all, but it's still heading in a good direction and I promise you'll like it! It'll just be more ummmm temporary! I think it will be really fun to keep new things fresh and vastly different from each other, much like I did with the smaller community of Salchicha Township.

•Will there ever be a full Salchicha County community as planned?
Probably yeah! Once I have enough put together I'll be able to slowly add to the permanent areas.

•When will this open?
Fairly soon. I have some plans for easter.

If you have questions please ask me!


Salchicha County Bound

Join the SL group or follow on plurk for quick updates!


ThanksGIVING 2016 amazement!! Updated 12/2

ThanksGIVING 2016 total Donations:
L$164,762!! = $609.19 USD!


Donations will be sent to The Hunger Project on Nov 28th (due to being out of town this week) and receipts and other information will be posted here on this post as soon as it's complete.

Stay tuned here for more details and thank you so much again for making this year's ThanksGIVING amazing!

Update: November 26, 2016

Here's some screen shots of the donations being processed through my account to donate to The Hunger Project! Just got home from Thanksgiving with friends and family so hopefully by Monday or Tuesday the money should be in my PayPal, and I'll post the receipts of that transaction as well. 

Update: December 2, 2016

Thank you so much to everyone who donated! The donation has been made to the Hunger Project in full. SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!


Cool stuff at The Coven right now!

New stuff available now at The Coven event! Magic smoke Gacha makes you disappear and reappear in all kinds of cool colors.

For when you need to get some purification done around here, use the sage smudger!


-RC- Cluster Memory Book Project

Hey everybody! I'm starting an ongoing project for everybody to be a part of. 

The -RC- Cluster memory book project is a group project put on by fun enthusiasts of Second Life who are in the -RC- Cluster community. It will be published in late December/early January and will include pictures and stories from people across the grid who have enjoyed being part of the -RC- Cluster community in one way or another.

Where will pictures or stories come from?
Hopefully most will be submitted by members, the more the better!

Send your pictures or stories!
If you have pictures or memories that you'd like to share, we want them published in the final book for everybody to enjoy! Share as many or as little as you'd like, even enough to fill a whole page or two.

Take a Member Directory pic!
There will be several pages dedicated to the lovely faces of our group members. To submit your picture for the member directory:

1. Be a part of the -RC- Cluster Second Life Group
2. Check the notices for an attachment called "-RC- Cluster Memory Book Member HUD"
3. Wear the HUD, follow directions, and submit as usual!

How do I submit my pictures?
There are several ways to submit your pictures! I want everyone to be able to participate for free.

1. Submit through Flickr in the -RC- Cluster Community Book Pictures group (preferred method)
2. Submit your pictures through this Google Form.
3. Email your pictures to Redd Columbia
4. Send your uploaded snapshots and pictures directly to Redd Columbia via SL

Stories can be submitted this same way, with links to a google document, or just send a notecard to Redd Columbia!

When will this book come out, and how?
The book will tentatively come out in Late December/Early January.
As of right now, it is planned to be published as an SL object, one worn and animated for your avatar and one readable by HUD. Other options may be explored.

What will it look like?
Each page could be of a certain theme, or of a certain group of people, or just a random bunch of pictures! In the future, depending on what members would like, I could even put together custom pages for groups of friends or individuals for a small fee to help pay for uploads (nothing more than L$25 per page)!

Here are some examples of what layouts might look like:


Q: Do the pictures need to be edited?
A: They can be, but there is no requirement for this, they can be photoshopped pictures or "raw" straight out of your viewer.

Q: Do I have to make the page layout?
A: Nope! If you have multiple pictures you'd like grouped together, you can send them with a request to have them together on the same page. They will be put together for you.

Q: Will this cost me anything?
A: As of right now, it is free to participate in the making of this book. The price of the book its self has not been established, but will NOT EXCEED L$75 per book. The price of the finished product will reflect the amount of uploads that will be needed to complete it, and I will try to price as low as I can so that everyone can afford a copy.

Q: So, it's a book?
A: Yup, it will be a worn object that your avatar can wear and animate reading, and also a HUD version for you to flip through and see all the pictures and stories.

Q: Do I have to submit a picture? Can it be a story?
A: Absolutely! You can submit anything you'd like to submit that some way reflects the fun you've had in Salchicha Township or with -RC- Cluster. Stories, Poetry, a song, haikus, you do it and I'll publish it!

Q: What's the deal with the Memory Book Member HUD?
A: For the member directory/yearbook style pages, the pictures should have about the same size and style. By wearing the HUD and taking your snapshot while wearing it, it will make your pic page-ready and not require any editing, saving a ton of time and work!

For more information or if you have questions, contact Redd Columbia in world or leave a comment here!