Lets catch up!

Here's a little update of all the stuff I've been doing lately! tl;dr? TP to the store to just get started now!

Starting from where we left off, around Halloween
Oracle Boards! 

The Multiplayer game is my favorite one. When you have two or more people to play, you can play just like a real board, where SOMEBODY is answering, you just don't know who! Check out the detailed instructions to see more.

The other board (Seen in the gif) is a one or more player game where you can ask a yes or no question and when you click the board it will answer it for you.

Moving right along to November!

Lunar Boots!

These are AO style animated boots that you wear and they'll make you bounce around, a salute to the 90s Moon Shoes that were so great even though my cousins never let me play with them.....

Come in four different colors and have two different walks and stands.

Now that we're up to today, The Play Room just opened up and my Gatcha machine has
Monster repellent!
For post-halloween nightmares.  This is a worn spray that animates you to be super scared, until you click it and spray the repellent around you. Then you feel better, for a minute...... There are 7 different Monsters to be afraid of, with the rare being a diffuser that you can put next to your bed and it will keep out monsters and scaries all night long without any effort on your part. Bonus nightlight built in so that you can see in the dark. 3 LI, click the bottle to change the monster type, click the light to turn it on and off.

Okay, that's it, Go get them!


Wayward Halloween!

I'm gunna be in the Wayward Events Halloween
Oct 16-31st

Here are some adorable bunny murder tools for you. You wear them, then click to animate them. They animate from the hip up so that you can still run after people if you need to and your legs won't look all wonky. The bunny masks are the rares, and they come in 3 colors, both bloody and not bloody by menu option. They also include a stabby carrot. Here's a little sample of the animation and you can see how the blood goes away. See you at Wayward!


Guys. I just set up at arcade.

I DID IT! I'm in Arcade! Let's look. 
I haven't updated here in a while, but I update Plurk almost always, so if you haven't yet, be sure to add me on there for recent stuff and also so we can talk about how much we love eachother!

I made Gatcha Pets! 
They're like the SL version of Tamagotchis or Giga Pets. Retro and collectable, they're all different and cute. Here's what they look like, I hope you like them.
Here's my poster listed above, and I'll have my machine location listed here soon along with on Plurk.

There's Two different versions for each animal and they're sold separately. One is the Playable HUD version  and the other is the Avatar Accessory Version. How do you feel so far?

The Playable HUD version is where you can attach it to your HUD and interact with it and take care of it. There are four options, Feed, Play, Sleep and Clean. Your pet will need stuff, so listen for the beeping and listen to what it says in chat to take care of it! There are detailed instructions available with pictures for those of you who like detailed instructions. As questions come in, I will probably create an FAQ here on the blog for you guys to use. 

The Avatar Accessory version is worn by your avatar and will animate. It also says random cute phrases relating to the type of animal it is every once and a while. 

There are 9 different pets:

Cyber Swine
Giga Seal
Pixel Pooch
Dial-Up Sloth
Online Owl
RGB Chameleon
Mega Mega Unicorn!

The Unicorn is rare, of course.

I hope you guys like them, I thought this would be a really fun idea and wanted to go out of my comfort zone to create something mega great for my first Arcade...and I succeeded in that, I get all sweaty worrying about if the scripts are bad or if something is wrong or not working exactly how I imagined it. 

I couldn't have done this without my friends on Plurk who helped me through all the fixing and testing and crying and sweating. There was a lot of comforting happening. You guys are rilly great and I love you. Barb, Mike, Twins, Trace, Anna, Del, y'know.




Starts at midnight, and I'm in it guys!
June 20th to July 12th

I made a fan that you can wear and turn on and off to cool down, sunscreen that you can slather all over yourself, or click to slather on other people, and I redid my fireflies from 2009 and they are better than ever! The fireflies really light up and are so cute with lighting enabled. 


Check out the preview of everybody's items here!


Party starts at 6pm SLT!


Location TBA!
OPENING  5/29/2015
Free stuff, Giveaways, new products, and a nice party.
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