-RC- Cluster September 2016 Arcade Early Preview with GIFs!

Hello frens! I thought I'd do a rare update of this blog to introduce you to some of the September 2016 Arcade items by giving you a quick look at the animations!

Basically all the items in the gacha will be animated so far. Here, I'll show you.

This is the Hungry Hungry Chant fork, knife and napkin. Click the napkin to start chanting!

This anim should hopefully work on most tables, maybe some chair adjustment might be needed is all.

Next we have a Popsicle that you just eat. You can click it to choose a color, it includes all solid colors plus a rainbow by menu. Face animations only work on system heads, obviously.

This here Pizza will disappear as you eat it. Once you ate the whole thing, you can just say /5 pizza and you'll get another slice to eat! Never run out!

 This Mixing Bowl will include a few different color bowls to win, and a menu option to change what it is that you're mixing. You'll need to wear the spoon to animate.  This set comes with two sizes as well, Click the bowl to get your batter/dough options, and click the spoon (there's a large sphere around it so it's a little easier to click) to change between two animation sizes, Large and Regular. Large will fit most male avatars.

These Menus are animated to have you browse through them. There's two styles, a fancy style and a diner style.

I'm calling these three items Infinity Eaters, because you eat them all up in one gulp, then you reach behind you and pull out another one from your pocket. There are PicklesGummy Worms (a different flavor after every bite), and Bacon. Wear and click to animate.

This just finished today, the 
I'm So Full! Animation Override

You'll hobble around holding your belly and trying to keep it all in, pat your tummy and enjoy the uncomfortable satisfaction of all the food your av just ate! Also, your avatar will belch at random with sounds to ease up some of that pressure in your belly.
My machine will be priced between L$25 and L$50, as usual, never more than that, but not sure which yet. That's all I have ready for you right now! I might be adding more color options or whole new items later on, so keep in touch!

Love, Me, RC

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Guys. I just set up at arcade.

I DID IT! I'm in Arcade! Let's look. 
I haven't updated here in a while, but I update Plurk almost always, so if you haven't yet, be sure to add me on there for recent stuff and also so we can talk about how much we love eachother!

I made Gatcha Pets! 
They're like the SL version of Tamagotchis or Giga Pets. Retro and collectable, they're all different and cute. Here's what they look like, I hope you like them.
Here's my poster listed above, and I'll have my machine location listed here soon along with on Plurk.

There's Two different versions for each animal and they're sold separately. One is the Playable HUD version  and the other is the Avatar Accessory Version. How do you feel so far?

The Playable HUD version is where you can attach it to your HUD and interact with it and take care of it. There are four options, Feed, Play, Sleep and Clean. Your pet will need stuff, so listen for the beeping and listen to what it says in chat to take care of it! There are detailed instructions available with pictures in this here infographic for those of you who like detailed instructions.

The Avatar Accessory version is worn by your avatar and will animate. It also says random cute phrases relating to the type of animal it is every once and a while. 

There are 9 different pets:

Cyber Swine
Giga Seal
Pixel Pooch
Dial-Up Sloth
Online Owl
RGB Chameleon
Mega Mega Unicorn!

The Unicorn is rare, of course.

I hope you guys like them, I thought this would be a really fun idea and wanted to go out of my comfort zone to create something mega great for my first Arcade...and I succeeded in that, I get all sweaty worrying about if the scripts are bad or if something is wrong or not working exactly how I imagined it. 

I couldn't have done this without my friends on Plurk who helped me through all the fixing and testing and crying and sweating. There was a lot of comforting happening. You guys are rilly great and I love you. Barb, Mike, Twins, Trace, Anna, Del, y'know.



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