Introducing the -RC- Cluster Best Friends Club!

The -RC- Cluster Best Friends Club!

A fancy little monthly membership program.

***This is in experimental mode! I wanted a fun place to share stuff and motivate me to create new items, and this was what I came up with. A little more exclusive than the main RC Cluster group, the notices are a little more substantial and no group chat. Like only for srs business of getting things. 

Here's what we offer with your membership:

- All new -RC- Cluster releases delivered to you
- 10% store credit for anything in store using E2V vendor
- Free Membership on your Rezday Month + a special birthday pack
- All Notices have something cool in them
- Free access to all Salchicha County events
- End of the round gifts at the main store

   ¤ The Redd Columbia Guarantee ¤

Cost to join: Round 2 is L$350! 
(Late start to the round due to computer issues)

    I'm certain that you will get more than this amount's worth of goods or services. I promise to never let you feel ripped off and make sure you get your money's worth.
    Once notices expire the gifts attached are no longer available. Notices remain active for two weeks as SL allows. I'm never completely sure about what I'll be making for the month, so it'll be a surprise for both of us, how exciting!
    No Group Chat and No Notices without something cool in them will keep the spam away!

Timeline for each month:

10th: Past membership ends
11th: Member Ejection C-Ya
12th: Re-enrollment Begins
26th: Last Notice of the round

You have from the 12th to the 10th to collect on all the goodies sent through notices. Join at any time, but the sooner the better, cause notices only last two weeks. ♥ Notices are only sent between the 12th and 26th so that they will retire in time for the next round.


No refunds.
No requests for gifts that have expired from group notices.
Rezdays must fall between the dates of the round and be at least 1 year old.
IM Redd Columbia with any questions before paying membership.
*Remember this is in experimental mode. If you like this feature, let me know!
Prices may change!

REZDAY Specials

If your rezday falls within the days of the current round, you can join the birthday club! Birthday club members get a free bday pack and a special tag, and the first 15 people to sign up for the bday club get in free! (See Group Description for how many free spots are left!)

The purpose of this group is to fund the Salchicha County sim. What isn't rented in residential spots is brought to you by donations from Salchichans like you.


ThanksGIVING Postponed until next year

The ThanksGIVING 2017 Charity event will not be happening this year due to insufficient funds to both maintain the sim fees and be able to donate. I instead encourage you to find a charity that you trust and donate directly this holiday season!

Be proactive in your charity choices! Research and donate only to places you can completely trust. Here are some good places to start: 





Join us at the Salchicha County Carnival where we celebrate bizarre, the macabre, the frightening and thought provoking at Freak Week and the Carnival of Curiosities!

Embrace your curiosity - See and Find bizarre items from throughout the lands and observe the disquieting blunders of mother nature.

Be at peace with your mortality - The macabre are warmly welcomed here, where the marvels of the human body excite and alarm us. We will look into the weird and the wonderful elements of the abnormalities of life... and death.

FEAR NOT THE UNKNOWN! Gather with us as we discuss, contemplate, reason and rationalize strangeness that we encounter. Share stories and ask questions of what may come of us, what brought us to be, and what we recognize as blessings and bright spots in our dark world.

[See future notices for upcoming schedule]
Movies, Discussions, Freebies, Games & More


Freak Show & Curio Contest
November 11th at 6pm SLT
(Sign up starts 5pm and closes at 6:30)
WARNING: This event may contain gore or other graphic content, as many curiosities are of dead stuff. Be Prepared or please feel free to skip this event ♥

- - - - - - - - -
HOW TO ENTER - 1 of 2 ways:

• Be a freak - Dress your avatar into something unique and unusual and present yourself on the main stage.
• Bring a Curiosity - Find an item to put on display and create an interesting story behind it. Where it came from, what it does, who wore it, etc.

- - - - - - - - -

The event is much like a talent show. Participants will gather backstage and will be introduced to the stage for a 3 minute performance explaining the story behind your freak or curiosity item. After your performance, you may be asked simple questions from the Master of Ceremonies and then you may take a seat in the audience. When all contestants have had a chance to present, the audience will vote for their favorite act.

Winners take home trophies and -RC- Cluster Gift cards, contestants and audience members will walk away with various prizes too!

- - - - - - - - -

A curiosity could be anything from your inventory as long as it has a really cool back story. This is a chance to show off something unique in your inventory and make up an equally unique story behind it!

My curiosity: I tint a basic sausage blue. I call it "SWAMP METAL SALCHICHA".
My Backstory: It is a petrified blue salchicha from 1932 when there was an unknown metal that leaked from the factory into the ground of the salchicha plants - it was eaten whole by a man named Joe Schmo, who worked in the swamps. He died from the poisons in the sausage and fell into the swamp - his body decomposed into bones but the only thing left was a blue metallicsalchicha.


F A Q:

Q. What is a Freak Show?
A: A Freak show or a sideshow is an event that features abnormally developed people or animals. Unusual deformities or talents such as having extra body parts or odd placements of things like hair, teeth or nails is common. Some may feature the ability to push the body to extremes such as contortionism or having overly-elastic skin or a freakishly long tongue.

Q: What is a Curiosity?
A: A rare, unusual, or intriguing object. Artwork, sculptures, Taxidermy (usually the lovingly tacky kind), knick nacks, vintage antiques, skulls, weird vintage stuff and oddities from history.

Q: If I have a real life curiosity, can I use that?
A: That is awesome, but no, not for the contest. Tell us about it during the week though because we want to know about it!

Q: Do my storylines have to be related to the lore of Salchicha County? 
A: Nope, get creative and make something really crazy up!

Got other questions? ASK ME! I'm ready to answer you now!
IM me or Email me! Redd Columbia



View of Curio Cabinet
Curio Cabinet 2
Basic Sideshow Acts & Curios
Freak Documentary

AMC's "Freakshow Acts"
Sword Swallower:   
The Creature
Bearded Lady 


Salchicha County Information & Rentals

What is Salchicha County?
Updated 2/22/18
Full sim rules are posted here and all visitors are subject to them: http://rccluster.blogspot.com/2017/09/salchicha-county-information-rentals.html

Salchicha County is a hang out and weirdo's community sim, and home to the RC Cluster store, and is open to the public. The goal for this community is to bring together the weirdos, eccentrics, artists, out of the box-ers AND normal-normies to do fun things, meet new people and express themselves. The rules are relatively lax, and self-policing your own behavior is encouraged here by using mute/derender and other LL tools.

→The region is an optionally light role-play sim. There are no strict rules on how you rp, keeping in mind that other visitors may not be role players and that appropriate personal judgment must be made as not to harass or make other members and visitors uncomfortable. See Rules for guidelines on RP.
→Residential spots are available for rent along Bangerblossom Drive.
→Motel rooms are available for short term rental for RC Cluster Group members only.

Join the -RC- Cluster SL Group to be part of this community!

Resident agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines put forth by the sim managers, and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.

Basic Rules
These rules are to be followed at all times.

Follow Linden Labs TOS
No harassment
No griefing
No spam or advertising
No hookers
Mute/Derender as a first resort.
Follow staff instructions
No camming or flying above 400m without an invitation or landmark.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

All inclusive - no groups, no rent, no sim. All banned residents are reported to Redd Columbia and/or LL and may be muted permanently by managers.

No naked avatars that may be considered underage, follow LL TOS. Overtly graphic sexual themes and tasteless nudity is considered tacky in Salchicha County and in extreme cases will result in banishment.

Must you? Must you really do it here? While not completely banned, by porking on this sim you are encouraging public heckling and strangers might join you. This is a moderate sim and adult conversation, nudity, and nasty humor is prevalent, but overtly graphic sexual themes are considered tacky here and probably won't be received politely... but I mean, go ahead and open that can of worms if you want!

Adult language is used here. Profanity is fine. Being specifically gruesome in a harassing manner is not fine. Use mute button. Overly grotesque or offensive chat will end in banishment. No hate speech or harassment - “in-character” chat included. No hate.

Rezzing objects is allowed on most of the sim! Being able to share what's in your inventory is encouraged here! Please pick up after yourself. In some cases there will be auto return set, which is subject to change at any time. Returned items may or not come with a warning, but no reply is needed if items are returned. Please be extra careful with your no copy items as we are not responsible for them.

No Security systems or orbs. Homes on this sim are subject to have friendly visitors. Exploring is encouraged here! Unfriendly visitors, however, should be reported to staff. Do not enter private homes that are occupied without permission. Knock first, dang! See community expectations for more on this.

There are skyboxes available to you at 1200m above your parcel. Visitors are not permitted here.

Salchicha is a place where all the different communities of Second Life can come together, be themselves and feel welcomed. Role players are welcome to hold scenes in private residences and parcels. If you choose to remain in character in public spaces, please keep in mind that many other community members may be out of character, or not roleplayers at all. We ask that both rpers and OOCers use their best judgment to politely remove themselves from any uncomfortable situations regarding RP. As always, we encourage mute/derender as a first resort when encountering disagreements.

Salchicha welcomes humans, furries, vampires, wizards, muggles and all other subcultures of SL to join us no matter what our characters are. However, this sim will contain adult language and content. We are all in this together with the understanding that we are adults behind our screens who are capable of removing ourselves from situations that might be uncomfortable or inappropriate for our characters that we've created and those around us. And obviously NO SEX. Follow TOS.

Group Chat & Notices

Group chat tends to be goofy and contains a fair amount of adult humor. We are all adults. Overly grotesque or offensive chat will result in a ban from the group and sim. No hate speech or harassment - “in-character” chat included. No hate.

There are two active groups - the RC Cluster SL Group and the Salchicha county group.

  1. RC Cluster SL Group
This is where you can find people to help answer questions or deal with rentals. You also will receive notices about upcoming events, freebies, updates and more.
You may disable notices but be sure to check them periodically to be sure you are not missing any important updates to the sim, we’re not liable if you miss important information once notices are sent. See RC Cluster SL Group perks for other things you may miss out on.
We love group chat! We are a chatty group and as most of you know. Group chat is also where you can collect a lot of goodies at random, so it's nice to keep the -RC- Cluster SL Group Chat enabled. Disabling group chat is ok too but you will be limiting your experience, to be honest. Sales notices are NOT allowed in group chat - free and fun stuff announced only, and of course chat!

  1. Salchicha County SL Group
Primarily for managers but also used for some renters.

Rental Opportunities
Residentials are L$4/prim, with 150 prims for a small house, and extra prim options a possibility for the future. While this is a little bit high, payments for rent go directly to tier payment and help to keep the sim open and are not looking to create additional revenue beyond Salchicha County tier. Thank you for your support!

Salchicha County SIM Aesthetic:
The theme of the sim is generally a realistic environment with some surreal elements. Please do not rez structures or large items that are wildly outside of this aesthetic that are to be displayed permanently. Salchicha County is a rocky pine forest region with fertile soil for growing our world famous sausage plants (yes, sausages). Our farm, Salchichan Acres, is located in the center of the sim where the soil is rich and spice infused. Just a stone’s throw from the farm is The Wienerview Motel which offers short term rentals for tourists and returning visitors who are interested in taking in taking in the mountain air. The sim experiences all four seasons which will change gradually every few months. We decorate for holidays and also hold events.

These additional rules apply throughout Salchicha County. By paying a rental box, you understand and agree to these rules.

Renting on the Salchicha County sim is available for RC Cluster SL Group members only.
No Refunds
No Subleasing
No Floating Text
No Commercial activity
Rooms & Homes are rented AS IS: Furniture/decor in Motel Rooms can not be changed.

Rent is due on time and empty spaces can not be saved or reserved. Once your rental time is expired on your rental box, your home is eligible to be rented by someone else. We do not IM to remind you to pay rent.

Moving Out
Please pick up all your prims at time of move out. Once your rental is up you’ll be removed from the Salchicha County group and all your prims will be returned. Be aware that demand for housing is high, and items are subject to be returned to you as soon as someone else rents the home.

If your rental space remains empty for over 48 hours it is considered abandoned. Abandoned homes will be reclaimed and rental agreements will be terminated without refund.

Land Impact
Stay within your prim limits. Permanent placement of things that are vastly outside of the aesthetic of the sim will be returned, sometimes without warning. Temporary prims are OK as long as they are picked up afterwards. Extra Prims are not available at this time but may be available in the future. If you're unsure of how many prims you have rezzed, please ask a manager. If prim limits are gone over, several or all of your items may be returned to you.

Vehicles must be parked in your yard or in the motel parking lot to remain rezzed when you are not on the sim. They count against your prim count of your rental. Unattended vehicles outside of these areas will be returned.

Resident Agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines put forth by the managers, and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.

Follow Linden Labs TOS, No harassment, griefing, spam or hookers. Full sim rules are posted here and all visitors are subject to them: http://rccluster.blogspot.com/2017/09/salchicha-county-information-rentals.html


Rentals at Bangerblossom Drive & Community Expectations

The land beneath the homes on Bangerblossom Drive was once owned by the late Agnes Wrigglesworth, the wealthy land baron of the 1920's. When the depression hit and Agnes was hard on his luck, his gambling and his liquor, he lost the land to the City. They broke ground for development in the late '40s and Bangerblossom Drive was paved. Homes sprouted out along the years and by 1971, the neighborhood was complete. Not to be outdone by the totally far out digs of the new neighbors, most of the homes on the street were updated to fit the 70s decor, and everyone was satisfied. The End.

Bangerblossom Drive is a friendly residential community that focuses on community and chillaxin' all cool with each other. Ideal renters here expect and encourage curiosity and visitors.

♦ Privacy:
There are no security systems or orbs allowed here. Homes are subject to have friendly visitors as exploring is encouraged throughout the entire sim. Renters shouldn't be surprised to have guests!

Platforms are provided for renters and are 1200m above each parcel.

♦ Sex in private homes is subject to the same sex rules as mentioned for the entire sim. Use private Platform if you must.

A greeter reminds visitors of basic rules while visiting here when they reach the residential side of the bridge.

Basic Visitor Expectations

♦ Visitors may explore the neighborhood, but please ask permission before entering homes with people actively inside.

♦ Doorbells are available on each home next to the door for easy introductions.

♦ Exploring above 400m from ground level anywhere on the sim is not permitted unless directed.

Rental Details
  1. Houses and landscaping remain in place. Most homes are inspired by architecture of the 50s-70s that have had minimal updates after 1985. Feel free to use this inspiration in your own home or decorate as you please. There is no required theme for inside your home.
  2. Please keep exterior decor within our realm and decorate only within a few meters beyond your parcel (not on your neighbor’s land, though).
  3. Roaming unattached pets limited to 1 per household
  4. ROOMMATES & Additional people are allowed. All prims are shared. Every resident is required to agree to the rules. To add others follow this guide to the right.


Rentals at The Wienerview Motel & Community Expectations

Welcome to the Wienerview Motel! Locally owned and operated since 1963, the Leberfrank family makes sure their guests are taken care of. With 11 charming individually themed rooms including a honeymoon suite, a free hot 24 hour breakfast and the premiere location for all Salchicha County happenings, the Wienerview is always ready to provide a kind of comfortable bed to sleep in during your visit.

The Wienerview Motel is a short term rental opportunity for -RC- Cluster SL Group members who would like to stay here. The Motel focuses on the concept of spending time in close quarters with your fellow group members and getting to know each other while decorating your rooms in fun and expressive ways.

Ideal renters here would expect and encourage curiosity and visitors.

Motel Room Rental Details
  1. Rent your room at the Motel office. No Group invitation is required as only RC Cluster Group Members can rent rooms here. No application needed. Rooms available on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Feel free to rez as you wish inside your hotel room and just outside. Each room has a different theme for it’s decor, and we encourage you to decorate as you see fit. No rezzing in others' rooms.
  3. Hotel Room doors do not lock, there are no security orbs, and camming and visitors are welcome. See Community Expectations for more.

♦ Visitors may explore the Motel, but please ask permission before entering occupied rooms. Doors do not lock. Security Orbs are not allowed.
♦ Exploring above 400m from ground level anywhere on the sim is not permitted unless directed.
♦ Sex in hotel rooms. It's a thing. It might happen. It's not banned. Respect your fellow visitors and remember to use your mute button.


Dealing with Conflict in Salchicha County

Salchicha is a place where all different communities of Second Life can come together, be themselves and feel welcomed and relaxed. Redd Columbia and Jessyca Teardrop are the official owners/operators of the Sim and there is no official staff in charge of conflict, and all reports should be sent to one of them. Remember Lots of questions can be answered by asking the RC Cluster group chat.

►If there's conflict among other Salchichans or visitors here, please take the following steps.

1. That person may be in character or Role playing, Check to see if this is possible!
2. Ask the party to stop the harassment or remove yourself from the area.
  1. (Bangerblossom Drive Residents only) If the offending party refuses to leave your rented home, ask them at least once in IMs to remove themselves. If they refuse, eject and report the incident to Redd Columbia and/or LL. Note that freeze and eject powers are a privilege for use of emergencies and greifers and abuse of these abilities will result in termination of rent. Abuse is at the discretion of Salchicha County Staff.
3. Mute.
4. Derender if necessary.
5. If harassment continues, contact Redd Columbia or Jessyca Teardrop.

USE SL FEATURES GIVEN TO YOU! Mute/Derender/Report to LL.

►Definition of Harassment:
The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands.

►Being Muted
If you are blocked by another person, consider that relationship over, and understand that they will no longer bother you. Mute them if necessary as well or derender. Carry on with your day.

►Use of Alts:
   Alts are not to be used to contact other Salchichans or visitors that have muted! If you know that someone has an alt that may contact you, mute both the original and the alt.
*Use of alts to harass will result in a ban from the sim!*
   Reason: We use SL features such as muting and derendering to resolve issues. By bringing in alt accounts you are sidestepping this simple way to reduce conflict in hopes to continue it, and you will be banned.


Resident agreement
I agree to respect the rights of my fellow Salchichans, to do my best to follow the guidelines put forth by the managers, and to use my best judgment to be fair and practical to others around me.


Main Store Opening this weekend!
Exact times for events will be posted at the site.


Update on sim opening!

Hi Frens,

Sim update!

   So as some of you know, a bunch of weird stuff in RL happened that I hadn't prepared for. I've already well passed my goal for sim opening, and I'm nowhere near where I need to be! So I've decided that for now, I'm going to open Salchicha County as a fluid space. Basically I'll create lots of different spots around the sim that will change seasonally (or whenever I feel like it) and be new all the time. About 1/3 of the sim will be permanent space that houses my store and the 'town hall' which will be our community center.
    Later, I'd love to add residential space and some spaces for commercial things. This will make it easier for me to make tier payments and not have the sim burning money.
    I know this is a big difference from what I had planned out and explained to you all, but it's still heading in a good direction and I promise you'll like it! It'll just be more ummmm temporary! I think it will be really fun to keep new things fresh and vastly different from each other, much like I did with the smaller community of Salchicha Township.

•Will there ever be a full Salchicha County community as planned?
Probably yeah! Once I have enough put together I'll be able to slowly add to the permanent areas.

•When will this open?
Fairly soon. I have some plans for easter.

If you have questions please ask me!